Monday, June 20, 2011

Flea Market Shopping

This past weekend we headed out to the flea market to see what we I could find.  I really want some light blue glass jugs…similar to these seen here, so that is what I was on the hunt for but you never know what other treasures you may find.


We I saw a lot of neat things…

IMG_5463   IMG_5461

IMG_5464 IMG_5465

My heart skipped a beat when I saw these at one booth…


Perfect shapes and sizes, but since they were all green or clear so I left them behind.


Will thinks everything at the flea market is junk!  He was ready to go about 10 minutes in.  I loved watching him stop every now and then when something caught his eye :)


This is also on my flea market wish list, not for $80 bucks though! I’ve seen it there twice within 2 months, guess no one else wants to pay that either.


What did you find this weekend on your outings?



  1. I really enjoyed looking at your pics from the flea market and reading your story about your day. I take my hubby with me from time to time. He likes looking for vintage Florida stuff, like postcards with images of things he remembers as a kid. He is humored by my treasure hunting. I went to an antiques market today with my sis and will most likely write about it tomorrow. I love blog posts regarding flea markets and finds. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Lesley, your comment is so sweet. I just love looking at all the stuff. I usually don't buy anything or if I do its small. I think I just like the imagination of what it could be!

  3. April ... check out craigslist for the drink crates ... I got some old pepsi, coke, and dr. pepper ones a few months ago from a guy that had a whole SHED full of them in Apex!!! I think I paid $12 or $15 per crate (I searched for them after having seen them in Pottery Barn).

  4. Thanks for the tip Elizabeth! I will certainly check that out.

  5. Hi April, I see you are in Eastern NC, where about? We are just north of Wilmington. I've tried the flea market there but wasn't too impressed. I did find two blue bell jars though :)

  6. Hi Leen, Thanks for stopping by. I am about 30 minutes east of Raleigh. I check out the Raleigh flea market at the NC State fairgrounds about once every 2-3 months...a lot of vendors are the same every time, sometimes there are great finds. It always seems better when the weather is nice in the spring/fall. You can find the best deals before it shuts down for the state fair every October.