Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Cotton Wreaths

Hi guys!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I bet most of you are burning off all those calories with some Black Friday shopping!  Not me, I will be avoiding those crowds! 
Today I am sharing with you my second craft in the Countdown to Christmas Craft Series, my Christmas Cotton Wreaths.  I love to add natural elements into my décor when possible and cotton is just so pretty.  I remember my Mom used to have this beautiful cotton wreath in our kitchen, it was there for the longest time and brings back good memories.  I personally love using cotton in my Christmas décor so I wanted to incorporate it into some wreaths that I could use inside.
Cotton Wreath
This project was another easy one that really didn’t take much time.  You will need a few supplies, grapevine wreaths, cotton, floral berries and greenery stems.  You may also want hot glue and small garden clippers to trim up the wreaths and shape them a bit better.

Wreath IngredientsYou want to clip your cotton stems down with just a small stem, just enough to slide into the wreath.  Once you’ve gathered what you need, you just start layering.
layer one
layer two
layer three
You may need hot glue to hold some pieces in place.  I did not use any as I left enough stem on all my pieces to push into the grapevine.  I tried to make sure both wreaths looked similar but they are slightly different. 
Second Cotton Wreath
One I was finished, I used burlap ribbon to hang them.   
Tip:  To hang wreaths on a cabinet door I use 3M Command Hooks. 
Command General Purpose Hooks, Small, Holds 0.5 lb, White - 9 pack
I just cut a small hole in the ribbon and hang the hook upside down.  It holds perfectly and will be easy to remove.  I use the larger ones on my front door for wreaths too, they are great!
3M Hook
I also used one on the front of the cabinet to hold the wreath in place and keep it from swinging when opening the doors.  I just tacked it on and hooked it to the back of the wreath. 
I decided to hang these in my kitchen to add a little color and a simple Christmas look.
Kitchen Cabinets
What do you think?  I like making wreaths, simple ones….I am not good with bows proof of that today.
If you want to see some past Christmas décor using cotton, see this POST.
Thanks for joining me.
Christmas Cotton Wreath


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  1. I live in AZ so I have some real cotton to use. Never thought about making it into a Christmas wreath but it looks very natural and Christmasy! Thanks for the idea.