Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Decorating

You all know I love Halloween and I go a bit overboard with the décor!  I wanted to share a few pictures of the inside of the house all decked out in black and orange.
Our living room mantle looks very similar to last year but I just love that bunting.  I try not to go crazy in the living room since I have so much color in there already.  I enjoyed having an extra cabinet to work with this year, it was fun to fill.
Halloween Mantle
Living Room Cabinet
I picked up this “31” at Homegoods this season and was super excited to have a new Halloween picture.  I had fun spray painting dried hydrangeas for a eerie look. 
Black Hydranea
The other area of the house that I added Halloween décor to is the dining room.  I have so much fun seasonally decorating my china cabinet.

All of the owls, crows, rats you see came from the Dollar Tree.  I have found over the past few years that Dollar Tree has great Halloween décor.  I found lots of goodies this year!  We are hosting a Halloween bash later in the month and I’ll share some other finds after that. 
Lastly, I had a bunch of fake pumpkins that needed a fun new look and I enjoyed decorating them with glitter and placing them about. 
Glitter Pumpkins
What do you think, too much?!…..nah!
I would love to see your Halloween décor!  Send me pictures or tell me how to find you on Instagram or Facebook!


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  1. I love your Halloween decor. The new picture is great and spray painting the hydrangeas black...clever. Great job.