Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Table Decor

I wish I had more Christmas décor to share this year with you guys.  I’ve been so inspired by other bloggers and Pinterest but not a lot of Christmas decorating going on this year since we are not in our on home.  I do miss it, especially all the pretty things I bought last year after Christmas.  Remember these GREAT ORNAMENTS from last year,  I had big plans for those on a wreath, but I am saving all my ideas for next year. 

I did fell the urge to do a little something.  My father in law, Al,  asked me to paint a little box for him in chalk paint.  It was a box that clementine's come in. When I asked him what he was going to do with it he said he wanted to put red Christmas ornaments in it which gave me an idea.  I painted the box and decorated the dining room table while they were away one night.  It turned out great.




I used red ornaments with a mixture of magnolia tree cones, these are pretty for Christmas with the red seeds.  I also had been wanting to use some cotton in décor this year, I have been so inspired by Kristen over Sophia’s Décor, she uses cotton a lot and it look so pretty.  Please stop by her site for major Christmas inspiration!




Here are the box details.  Before with clementine's (does anyone else love these as much as me?)


I just simply painted it with ASCP in French Linen and then went over it with a dry brushing of Old White.  It took about 5 minutes and it dried in about 30. 



That was my little inspiration piece to jump in and decorate a little.  It was also neat to decorate with red for Christmas because I rarely do, I am more of a green, blue, purple, pink girl.

Today I am off to help my Mom paint a table and finish a hutch, can’t wait to show you guys her new Kitchen!! It has been an ongoing process since August and I am hoping it is done today so I can snap some pictures and share!! So stay tuned!




  1. April,
    This turned out so pretty! I love it! I'm glad I inspired you to use some cotton too :) I still can't get enough of it. I must get some of those magnolia seed pods...I haven't seen many of those!

    Can't wait to see your mom's kitchen! BTW, are you going to be in your new house before Christmas...hoping you are :)

  2. Hoping to be in the house by the New Year, not 100% sure yet, but it is really close! Fingers crossed. :)