Monday, October 29, 2012

Living Quarters

I need a house ya’ll, my own house.  These days I feel like I am going stir crazy.  I yearn to decorate to move little trinkets around the house and rearrange.  I miss my stuff!  It has been especially hard this time of year as my favorite holiday rolls by unnoticed and undecorated….BOO!

We all have our challenges, mine are insignificant. 

It has been nice not having a lot of cleaning and living with family has its benefits but I miss the stuff, my stuff.  I miss piddling=working on furniture painting, crafty things, changing accessories, seasonal decorating and organizing cabinets.  

The point is I bore easily and change things in my home often.  I would have brought way more stuff on this move to decorate with but that would have been unnecessary.  It’s only a few months and I can make it.   So here is a look into our current living quarters.

We are very lucky to have our own space.  My Mother and Father in law have graciously allowed us to live with them temporarily while we build a new house in the neighborhood.  If we sell that house we will get out of their hair and rent something for a while. 

Here is a look at our bedroom.  Very cozy…mainly the bed, it’s a full size.  I’m pretty sure I want a king size bed after this!


This room is an L shape and what used to be a sitting room is now our walk in closet.


We have our own bath and it’s pretty big but…



we have a pedestal sink to share and…


we are sharing with our two cats and I am ready for them to have their own space again too. 

The bathroom is in between two bedrooms, ours and the other seen here.


See that couch, well in front is our very own TV, so we have a little living room and just beside that couch is our office nook.


This bedroom has a small closet which we have stored odds and ends and the rest of Will’s clothes.


At the top of the stairs is a nice little landing which gives us space for a small table to throw keys, purse etc. when coming home from work and it also give the cats another little space for toys.


It is a great space and it gives us room to spread out and allows us some privacy. 

So there you have it that’s where we are now and that is why decorating post have gone way down.  It’s life moving forward, hopefully after the New Year we will be in our own space. 

Oh, I almost forgot the best part….

The view


I could sit there for a long while…wish it was still Summer.



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