Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jewelry Box Makeover

A long time ago I stopped by an antique shop in Mount Pleasant, SC and picked up a jewelry box for $10.  It was supposed to be part of my planned closet makeover for my jewelry and accessory area.  Well I’ve since moved twice and it’s just been sitting around.  I finally gave it a make-over. 
Jewelry Box
Here are the before pictures.  I had already started to paint when I took these. Oops!  I just realized when posting pictures I was holding the top on, upside down!
I thought about painting it all white and only adding an initial but it was too boring.
Now I think it has more flair and I am really happy with the way it turned out. 
In case you are wondering about HOW I did this…I painted the box with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and the chevron pattern is in Annie Sloan Graphite, the “L” in Annie Sloan Arles. 
I also painted the inside, the red was just too much for me.  It took THREE coats of Annie Sloan Old White to turn the red pale pink (happy mistake)
To achieve the chevron pattern I simply printed a pattern that I found online and transferred it to the top with graphite transfer paper.  I used the same technique with the “L”
I love the way it turned out!
Now if I just had that closet to put it in….



  1. The jewelry box turned out awesome, April. I love it. Make one for me, okay?!!! :)

  2. Can you please elaborate again on the chevron pattern? I am attempting to do a board with ASCP and a chevron pattern, but everything that I try to use as a pattern is peeling the base coat of ASCP off. Then, when I go to sand and distress it, the Provence is dusting onto the Old White and making it dingy (for lack of a better word!) Help me understand!!

    Looks awesome!

  3. Hi Haley! Thanks for the question and comments. For the chevron pattern. I first painted the top white. I went online and google searched for a chevron pattern I liked. I printed that out to use and cut it to fit the top (actually printed 2 copies and had to tape two together for the width). I bought transfer paper (like the kind for carbon copies) at Hobby Lobby and cut that to fit the size of the top, laid it on the top with the printed pattern on top and traced the lines in pencil. This transfers the design onto the painted wood. Then I free hand painted the grey color paint on. I then sanded everything b/c I wanted mine to look more uneven. The sanding also helped with the lines that were not 100% straight from the freehand painting. Hope that helps!