Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shut the Front Door or Paint it

If you follow me on Facebook and have for some time you may remember several months ago I asked about a front door color for the new house. 
A Heart's Desire
October 13, 2011
Ok readers I need your advice... I have to pick a front door color on the new house. The house is ALL WHITE, White with White trim and no shutters. I'm thinking color, but I don't want that to be all you see....What color???? do you think?
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Well for those of you that commented…Orange, Blue, Red, Green, thank you, they were all great ideas.  But a Pinterest find pulled at those heart strings and I knew it had to be closer to this. 

When we moved in the door looked like this…
Not a huge fan of hunter green.  When I posted the question on Facebook the builder had asked me what I wanted, a few hours later I got the call that they wanted to just paint it green because they had the paint on hand.  So I agreed, knowing I could change it later. 
This was my Pinterest inspiration

Source Via House and Home
Stunning, right?  One day I hope my front porch can look this glorious, but for now we are keeping it simple.  This was a great photo for me to use as inspiration because the glass door is similar to mine.
The thing that really kicked me into to gear to paint the door was a great little Goodwill find.
I found this Smith & Hawken lantern for $9.99 and it was the perfect addition for the front porch but I needed to get to work and paint the door to tie it all together.
I decided while I was at it to paint the little table grey to match the theme of my inspiration photo. I also painted the inside of the door the same color because it to was also painted green by the builder.
Here is a close up of the color, it was hard to get a good picture with the sun coming through the window. 
This is a nice change for the curb appeal.  I am very pleased with the color and really love the new color on the plant stand and my thrifty lantern find.
Now I just need a good book, I have the perfect retreat :)

Paint colors used:
Exterior: Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue, HC-144
Interior and table: Benjamin Moore Iron Gate, 1545

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  1. It's all so nice! I've seen those lanterns at Target and thought maybe I'd catch it on clearance, but so far no go. Plus lately Target's clearance prices are very high on that type of thing. Good score getting it at Goodwill. The front porch is really looking sweet! The new color is beautiful. Hope you'll stop over and see me at Quirky Vistas sometime!

  2. Love the new door color. I agree, that green is not right!! lol Looking sweet. Hey...remember something. That inspiration front door was styled by some professional who brought in all those plants for the pic and left with them. Your door looks great...and real and honest. Happy week ahead!

  3. Thanks! The lantern was brand new from Target with tags still on. Not sure in other states but they donate regularly to Goodwill around NC so sometimes you find a goodie.

  4. Hi... I have a hunter green door that I have been dying to get rid of :) I love the new color you chose, Its very pretty:)
    New follower, Francine

  5. Ohh I love your door! I have a baby blue front door that may have looked cute in 1974 but in it's heart of hearts it's a blue/grey/green/teal kind of door. Wish me luck in finding that colour :)

  6. It sure looks gorgeous! It’s good that you agreed with the color they picked. The dark green shade gives a beautiful contrast to the white color of the wall. Now, your front door is much livelier now, and definitely not dull-looking!

  7. Pinterest makes the search for ideas a lot exciting and easier. What I like best about your color choice is that you maintained the simplicity of your exteriors. Were you the only one who painted your door or did anyone lend you a hand?

    -Jesse Morrison @ JonWrightRoofing