Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We Have…..

An Offer!! 

House Contract

This is such a relief!  We have a little wait in the actual closing so fingers crossed that everything stays the course and we have no issues.  We will be busy over the next few months moving so I will be sharing more of that and less decorating for now. We are not sure where we will move yet, still hoping the new house in the Glen Iris subdivision sales but we can always move there if it doesn’t.  Our closing date is scheduled for July 15th.  So sit back and enjoy the journey with me :)

I have been busy this week pulling together lots of yard sale items for a big one I am having this weekend.  I cleaned out a lot of spaces once we listed the house and I’ve just been waiting for warmer weather to get rid of it all.  Stay tuned for details on that after Saturday.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and keeping up with this blog even though I am not wowing you with any fun projects at the moment.  This land development, house selling, not knowing where I will live business has been a real adventure for me.  Especially since I don’t take change well.   I think in the end it will make me a better person by teaching me you can’t plan everything, life happens.  I do pray alot more now :)  I believe God talks to me in lots of ways but especially visually and today I had a long prayer about these changes and later I saw a sign in front of a a church that had the following quote on it…

“Worry pulls tomorrow’s cloud over today.”

I need to learn to live this way, it is so true…I am by nature a worrier and I hope I can change that. 


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