Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dining Table ReFINISHED

I promised to follow-up with you on my dining table. As usual these projects are never as easy as you hope.

The Plan

Lightly sand and repaint table legs & strip and re-stain the table top

All went according to plan until the second and final coat of stain went on the top. After drying the table looked splotchy and as if it had not dried in some spots. I apologize for the lack of photos as my camera has been hijacked for the weekend.

All signs pointed to re-strip and re-stain = a lot of tedious work.

I found some scrubbing and polishing pads that fit to my mouse sander. They actually came with the sander and I'd never used them because I really didn't know what they were for. I just wanted to try to see if using it on the top like sand paper would take off the shiny UN-dry looking parts. It worked!! After an hour or so of using the sander it was pretty good. I then lightly VERY lightly sanded the top.

So this weekend I applied the clear coat to the entire table. I use Varathan, which is actually floor sealer, this works well on white furniture because it does not yellow the finish. I put 2 coats on the painted parts and 3 coats on the table top. I am very pleased with the results.




  1. I just found your blog via MMS furniture Friday. You have a lovely home! Your dining table re-do is just fabulous. I have a similar table and chairs set and have been planning to give it the same treatment, but I haven't worked up the courage yet. Would you mind posting the steps you took and exact products? I'm also wondering if you brushed on the paint or used spray paint. Just lovely!! Thanks so much.

  2. Nicole, I will be happy to post the how to on the table. I will put the information up as a new post and will do that at some point today. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! As you can probably tell I am new at it so I appreciate new interest.

  3. Thanks so much, April. I look forward to reading your post. I really love your blog!!

  4. very nice!!! Love the legs!! I just refinished mine but did the opposite. Mine was spray painted brown (not pretty) and I sanded it down to the bare wood and re-stained it a lighter color.

  5. Great redo! It looks so fresh and current now! Good job.

  6. This is a beautiful transformation! I would never have guessed if I hadn't seen the before and after. Great job!


  7. Looks beautiful! You did a fantastic job...I'm anxious to see your "How To" post as I have been wanting to re-do my table for awhile and not sure on where to start.

  8. Hi Toni...See the How To post here

    Thanks everyone for stopping by after seeing me on Southern Hospitality :) love your comments!

  9. What a wonderful transformation! I love it! Using two tones adds so much depth. Happy "new" table!

    : )

    Julie M.

  10. WOW...great job on the table. It looks fabulous! I LOVE the dark stain with the white. I tried to do the the same treatment on my table but the stain was splotchy so I ended up painting it all creamy white. It still turned out great.

  11. What an amazing job you did, it's just beautiful! thanks for sharing