Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Decorating with Rugs

One thing that really finishes a room and anchors a space is a RUG.  Rugs can be a great way to add color & texture both of which create warmth.  Most importantly rugs help define a space and pull furnishings together.  For example,  take a look at my dining room with and without a rug, the rug completely transforms the space.  Without a rug, it seems as if the furniture is floating. 

Dining Room with a Rug

(Rug from World Market)

Dining Room 3

Dining Room without a Rug

Dining Area Before Rug

I have found that I really love natural rugs that add texture, especially when I am struggling with color choices for a room, or in a room that I want to keep neutral or tone down.  Rugs are also great as accents, they add color to a space. One of my favorite examples is our kitchen rug, our dark cabinets need some brightness and contrast and this rug does the trick.   


One nuisance with rugs can be that they slide around.  If you have pets, kids, or a rug like this one in a high traffic area, it won’t stay in place without a great rug pad.  I am guilty of not purchasing rug pads for all my rugs, the number one reason is that it is difficult to find unusual sized rug pads at big box stores.  Having a good rug pad is really a crucial piece in laying out your rug.  I was contacted by to try out their product and I jumped at the opportunity because I know the difference between good rug pads and a cheap one.  I was excited to try their product under our kitchen rug, they generously sent a pad of my choice to try out.  I chose the Eco-Solid and custom cut it to a 2’ 3” x 7’ 10” to fit perfectly under my runner rug and so that it would slightly taper at the edges for a perfect fit.  I chose the Eco-Solid because it has a little cushion which is great for an area where you are standing a lot and it was a recommended pad for rugs over hardwood floors. 

Kitchen Rug Pad

I really love this new rug pad, it makes a huge difference.  Abbie, our dog, runs in here daily for her treats and before the rug pad she would slide and the rug would slide around and she would scrunch it up.  Now it stays in place.  Also, I am pleasantly surprised every time I walk on it now because of the extra cushion, which is awesome in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Rug with Pad

Take a look at my hallway rug,  it is always crooked!  Every time I walk by this rug I straighten it, this is the center of our house and our dog and cats run through here and constantly move it.  It moves because I have a cheap rug pad under this one!

Hallway Rug

This corner I am showing  you here is wrinkled under the rug all the time, this is the spot we step on the most often.  The rug always has a hump under it because of the pad.  You have all seen these type of pads, you probably have a few of these rug pads, you know the ones that are thin and non-specific to your floor type and they SLIDE and WEAR OUT so quick!  They are just thin and flimsy and have no grip.  I am pretty sure I bought this one in a hurry with the rug at HomeGoods and I just didn’t give it much thought…I just knew at the time I needed a pad with the rug.  I probably spent $20-25 on a rug pad that just doesn’t get the job done.  Most people simply don’t want to spend the money on a quality rug pad, especially after you have spent a good amount on a new rug. 

Hallway Bad Rug Pad

Cheaper rug pads can ruin a good floor over time, many are made with chemicals and those chemicals can cause discoloration on certain floor types.  You’ve probably noticed an odor when opening packages.  VOC’s or chemical odors are never good for indoor air quality. Another thing with poorly made rug pads are sometimes they are made with materials that can cause them to stick to floors to create a good grip but those materials end up literally sticking to your floors, ruining them.  Natural rubber is a much better choice, it has a natural grip and because it comes from rubber trees it has low VOC’s and out-gassing is not an issue.

Bad Rug Pad upclose

I found very helpful in finding the right type of rug pad for my kitchen quick, I loved the “shop by floor type” area and you can quickly scan ratings on cushion, durability, and grip to find a pad that works best for you.  All rug pads are made in the USA and ship fast!  They also offer custom cuts so you don’t have to do that yourself for an unusual sizes!  is offering my readers a coupon code to go get your own rug pad!!  Use coupon code is "PR15OFF" for a 15% discount on all orders. 

I just purchased a new rug for the hallway from Joss and Main this week and can’t wait to see how it looks when it arrives.  I think a new rug pad will be in order!

Disclosure: I was given a rug pad by  While I was given product to write a post about, all opinions are my own.




  1. Thanks for the rug pad tips. I too have a rug that gets bunched up every day by my dogs even with a rug pad. I've ordered the rug pad recommended by the company and applied the 15% discount. I felt like the price was very reasonable and I hope it does the trick.

    1. Patti,

      I hope it works well for you! Thanks for reading, I am still enjoying my rug pad in the kitchen and eager to get my new hallway rug and a pad for it.

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