Sunday, December 21, 2014

DIY Christmas Gifts

It’s almost here!  Christmas is just 4 days away!!  I  am looking forward to some down time with the family. 
Today I am sharing with you a few DIY gifts I’ve given this season.
The first gift is wine.  This makes a great hostess gift for all those parties this time of year.  I put these together for some of my customers.
Wine Wrapping
Obviously, I didn’t make the wine…LOL.  The wrapping here was easy.   I simply cut scrapbook paper to wrap the bottle securing with washi tape to the back.  I cut the tag out of the same paper.  The hole was punched with a 2” hole punch.  Super easy and you have a nice tag to write a message on.
The second gift is another that I put together for a few of my customers.  I love nail polish and often times I am complimented on my nail polish colors and thought this would be perfect gift.
Mistle Toes 2 
This was an idea I got from Pinterest.  The original source is from Ivy in the Bay.  That is where you can find the free printable tag. 
A few tips:
Print the tag on cardstock. Use the non-plastic snow if you can find it because otherwise it clings to the bag.  Also, using a piece of cardstock in the bottom of the bag with a dot of hot glue, this helps the polish and lotion stand up straight.
The third gift was my favorite!  I made Body Butter, Body Scrub, and Face Scrub.  These are all natural and organic and I had fun learning about what oils to use to make these. 
This was another idea I found on Pinterest.  The original pin was from the website  Lia Griffith, Handcraft Your Home.  Happy to report this was a very successful Pinterest find.   The free printable labels were great and the instructions to make the lotions were superb and easy to understand.  I encourage you to check out the original source here if you wish to give them a try. 
I was pretty much sold when I saw them packaged in Weck Jars which are my favorite. 
I wrapped these a few different ways.  The first in a small basket with tissue paper. Lotions wrapping basket
The small face scrubs with a ribbon and decorative tag.
face scrubs
The body butter and body scrub stacked with a ribbon and tag tied around them.
Body Scrub
I can’t say that any of these DIY gifts are great money savers but it was nice to make and put a handmade touch on them all. 
Please be sure to visit the original sources.
Have you guys been making any gifts this year?  I’d love to see them if you want to share them with me on Facebook.



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