Saturday, September 7, 2013

Office Chair

I finally finished the last piece I had from an estate sale my Mom went to last Summer.  The one thing I really wanted from the sale was this really cool old office chair.
I waited a long while before I decided on what to do.  Our office was looking pretty drab with all the brown from the desk, shelves and chair so I decided to paint it white.  If you are looking close at this picture you are getting a sneak peak of the thrift store file cabinets I painted.  The office is still a work in progress.  I’m wanting window treatments, a rug, etc., etc. the list never ends. 
Here is the same chair in white now.
Office Chair Redo
I used ASCP in Pure White with clear wax.  I did distress the chair a bit to bring out some of the old charm.
Office Chair
Now if I can just get the office finished.  Smile

Happy Weekend!



  1. It looks like it is one of those etsy finds. Do you sit on it with a throw pillow? Because as much as it is charming, comfort is still what would allow you to work smoothly. I suppose you did the same to the desk, am I right?

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