Sunday, May 26, 2013

Waterfall Vanity

I’ve been busy working on furniture lately.  I am hoping to have several pieces finished up soon…I want to get my garage cleaned out and I want to get as much painted as I can before it gets too hot for Summer. 
Sorry for the un-staged photos, this one was just to big to move around so I took them in the garage.
This great waterfall vanity is a different type of piece for me and it was really fun to paint!
Originally I had planned to paint this one green but when it came time to paint it just didn’t feel right so I went with ASCP in Aubusson Blue which is one of my favorite colors. 
Waterfall Vanity 
Waterfall Vanity 2
I’m pretty happy with the way this one turned out.  Really great pop of color with nice smooth lines  I wanted to leave some of the decorative veneer in place and I think it really is nice to see those accent pieces. 
Here is the before, I almost forgot to get before pictures on this one so it is sans drawers.  
This piece came from an estate sale my Mom went to last Summer and it sat in waiting for a while.  In waiting were the roof was leaky and it got wet which cause a lot of the veneer to peel up and the drawers were really tight because the wood swelled up.  It took a lot of prep work to get this one paintable.  I would work  it in about 1 hour increments and come back to it as time allowed.  So it’s been sitting in the garage under construction since February.
I used an iron to get the veneer off by using a wet towel with a hot iron on top to steam the wood to pop off.  It was time consuming and pretty much ruined my iron.  Next time I have a piece with peeling veneer I will likely not take the project on.
The iron trick worked and it was a bit fun to scrap away all that veneer but it took a really long time!
On the flip side, this was a very easy piece to paint.  I only needed one coat of paint and the wax went on really easy too.
Waterfall Vanity 2
Close up of the veneer I did leave.  The knobs did not clean up real well so I used Rub-n-Buff in silver to finish those.
Waterfall Vanity Detail
Here is a close  up of the mirror, it is really sweet and feminine with the etching on the top and bottom.
Mirror Detail
Did you notice the changes?  I removed the piece in the center under the middle drawer as well as the gold tiles and wood appliqué on the mirror.  I thought these changes gave the piece a simpler look. 
This piece is now for sale!  I am pretty pleased with the final result.  What do you guys think?  How do you like the veneer I left in place.  Are you a fan of vanities?

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  1. Amazing before and after!! Where did you get your rub n' buff? What is your plan for the vanity?

  2. Thanks Amy! I plan to sell this one, hopefully soon! I pick up the rub n' buff at Hobby Lobby or Micheal's, it is usually near the craft paint and foil leaf stuff.

  3. This is beautiful. Can I ask how you removed the tile mirror mosaics?