Sunday, August 12, 2012

Moved Again, Yes it Happened!

I’ve been keeping a little secret from you all.  We received an offer on our new home in the Glen Iris neighborhood that we are developing and we have already closed on the sale and moved!  Wow, that happened fast!  We closed exactly 2 months from the day we moved in the house. 
We were very excited to have an offer, but we had 2 previous offers on the house that fell through so that is why I kept quite.  The buyer had a very short closing period so we didn’t have to wait long. 
We have packed everything up in PODS and are storing it for a while.  We are currently living with family since we needed a spot temporarily.
Our plans are to build another home in the neighborhood and we will try and sell that one too.  We need to sale lots and continue to do whatever necessary to sale the whole development out.  It should be an interesting remainder to the year…but the good news is, land is starting to move! 
I hope to continue to share furniture projects with you as well as some decorating projects my Mom is currently working on. 
It feels so weird not having my own home to decorate, but I will make the best of it and hopefully it won’t be long before I can start over with something new.


  1. It is really good news! We are very excited to have the sale :)

  2. Congrats on the sale...a great thing in this market!...Just think of the great fun you will have decorating your new exciting!!