Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hello!!!  It has been too long!  I have been knee deep in packing and cleaning for the past two weekends.  Not much to blog about when that is your weekend project. 

Today I noticed that my pot of succulents had died since I left them out all winter on the porch.  Sorry no before photo.  My little cactus from Sedona, AZ was still alive so I went to Lowes and picked up a few more to refresh this pot.

IMG_6743 That really prickly one is from Arizona.  I can’t believe it lived all through the winter outside.  My hands faired much worse while repotting, ouch!  Also a spider had made a nice home for itself in there, protected by all those pricks.  I had to clean the web off with a toothpick.  I added another aloe plant because those are always nice to have on hand.  Really wish I’d had that earlier this week when I burnt my arm with the curling iron!


IMG_6746 Love how Abbie snuck into this picture  :)

In other gardening news, take a look at this picture….

IMG_6747 This photo makes me  a little sad about moving.  I love our current yard and I worked hard getting the plants in front of our house looking good.  This particular area is just what I like with plants, it is thick with varying heights.  My peony looked so pretty just a week ago but still you get the point.  It took 6 years to look like this!  It is the one thing I dread about moving to a new construction house, the yard looks so dull for years. 


Then after all the hard work, you wake up one Spring and it looks like this :)

Happy Gardening!  Hope you are making the most of your Springtime planting I really miss it this year. 

Now back to packing….we have a month to pack everything up and get our minor repairs done around here! Busy Busy Busy!


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